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Flying mood, infinite joy

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A person is a chopstick, dozens of people are dozens of chopsticks, chopsticks are different in length and thickness, but under the influence of team spirit, they can be glued together into a bamboo raft, and advance bravely in the torrent, no matter how big the waves are, they can not be broken.

In order to thank all the hard work of the company, enhance team cohesion; in order to enrich the spare time of employees, alleviate the pressure of employees. To give employees a chance to relax completely after work, Zhixian Optoelectronics organized a two-day group tour on September 10, 2016.

By September, when the hot summer was going to subside, more than 30 people came to Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with a great team, which started our tour of League building. Our journey was very simple. On the first day, we drifted in the 100-year-old Gorge, and on the second day, we climbed in the Daqi Mountain National Forest Park. Such a schedule is not unusual, but the whole process is full of unexpected surprises.

Before drifting, we were ready to start, eager to try. Behind this quiet smile, the waves have already surged. An epithelial canoe, the Water-Splashing war immediately began. Two boats splashed each other, or several boats concentrated their firepower and attacked one boat. It's not about who you have opinions about on weekdays. Mutual aggression proves that you have a deep friendship with each other.

While coping with the hydraulic attacks of other boats, we also have to deal with the dangers caused by the turbulence of the current. When we are too busy, we are soaked, but our hearts are more and more enjoyable. In the splash of water, we laughed and shouted, releasing the vitality and passion of young people.

When we went ashore, everyone's face showed an endless smile, not only because we had a good time, but also because our hearts were closer.

Daqi Mountain National Forest Park is located on the South Bank of Fuchun River with beautiful scenery. It is a natural landscape with forest resources as the main body. It is famous for its magnificent, dangerous, exotic, beautiful and broad scenery, including hilly peaks, rugged rocks, canyons, waterfalls, birds, flowers and fragrant flowers, as well as lush forests, bamboo cultivation, fragrant grass in Pinghu, and scented orchards.

After work, a day or two away from the city, breathing fresh air into the garden surrounded by haze, as if stepping into a fairyland on earth. It rained a little on this day. Daqi Mountain with light rain. There is an unspeakable ripple of beautiful color, do not have a flavor.

While enjoying the beautiful scenery, climbing the mountain, because in the rain, the mountain is confused, such as fairyland, to add a lot of mystery to the Daqi Mountain. All the way up the mountain, breathing fresh air, accompanying with flowers and birds, listening to the sound of the spring, is really a kind of beautiful enjoyment. The more you climb up, the louder the spring sounds. There is a cable bridge in front of you. The cable bridge is wooden and swaying. The water blue of the Tianchi Lake is green and clear. There are still a few small fish swimming freely in it.

The mountain road is steep and narrow. The cobblestone road is very comfortable. Along the way, besides the sound of the spring, it was still the sound of the spring. All this instantly turned into a beautiful landscape. This is the Daqi Mountain that nature gives us!

The two-day Tonglu trip is short, but the feelings established during the League building are long-lasting. Returning to daily life and working with greater tacit understanding and dedication is the greatest harvest of the League's construction.



Water cups are really essential when climbing mountains. Under the sun's irradiation, the higher the climb, the stronger the demand for water. If you are tired of climbing, you can't stand it any longer. A mouthful of water can wake up potential energy in your body like a spring, and then you have the power to go on. Team strength, like this water, when you are exhausted and don't want to go any further, can arouse your inner desire for victory, and then rush to the end.

Flying mood, infinite joy
A person is a chopstick, dozens of people are dozens of chopsticks, chopsticks are different in length and thickness, but under the influence of team spirit, they can be glued together into a bamboo r
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