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Elevator Internet of Things: Real-time monitoring of elevator operation

Author:Muxvision Technology Co.,LTD Click: Time:2016-04-18 09:11:56

Elevator "dormancy", households have no way to seek help

At about 20:30 on April 11, Mr. Ma and his family, who live on the 8th floor of E District, Haihong One, Haihu New District, the provincial capital, are going downstairs. While waiting for the elevator, Mr. Ma heard the sound of chain friction near the elevator. Soon, the elevator arrived and three people entered the elevator.

After Mr. Ma pressed the door closing button, the elevator door closed slowly. After a long time, the elevator door was not completely closed, leaving a crack. At this time, the elevator did not respond as if it was asleep. The floor button, door button and emergency call button were pressed one by one by Mr. Ma, but the elevator did not respond at all.

There was still a slit in the elevator door. Mr. Ma tried to get out of the elevator, but the slit was too small to get out. The 3-year-old was frightened and began to cry loudly. Mr. Ma and his wife were in a panic for a while and hurried to comfort the child.

Ten minutes later, the elevator seemed to wake up and suddenly started to move again. "When we got to the next floor, we hurried off without taking the elevator." Mr. Ma said that after being frightened, three of them went downstairs.

"This elevator often goes wrong and nobody cares about it. Last year I was trapped in it." Mr. Ma said that once last year, he got stuck in the elevator between the eleventh and twelfth floors.

The emergency call button on the elevator didn't work and no one answered when it was pressed. Mr. Ma called for help. More than half an hour later, the staff came to open the elevator door, and he climbed out of the mezzanine.

Reporters in the interview found that the residents living in Haihongyi have many complaints about their elevator unit building. Mr. Qian of Building 2, Area E, Haihong 1, said that the elevator had fallen down once last month; previously, the elevator of the unit building was often repaired and had problems.

Mr. Ma said that the elevator is a machine, which is inevitably malfunctioning. Sometimes it can be understood, but the frequent problems show that the elevator must be malfunctioning. What I fear most is that there is no way to get help after the elevator is in trouble. No one has come to help me all the time, which is the most helpless.

Sudden failure, citizens encounter "elevator alarm"

In recent years, our newspaper has repeatedly reported elevator problems encountered by citizens, such as falling, trapped personnel, sudden rise in the process of descent, swaying in operation. When people enjoy the convenience brought by elevators, they are also worried about elevator safety. Ms. Li, a citizen once trapped in an elevator, laments that she feels risking her life when she goes out every day.

Mr. Wu, a citizen in his 80s, lives on the 19th floor of Tongxin Home District, Nanchuan East Road, the provincial capital. At about 10 o'clock on March 19, Mr. Wu came home by elevator. The elevator suddenly stopped when it reached the 18th floor. Mr. Wu was trapped.

Knowing that the elevator was out of order, the estate staff rushed to check the situation, and comforted Mr. Wu not to worry. Subsequently, the maintenance personnel came and opened the elevator door. Mr. Wu was rescued. The old man was trapped in the elevator for nearly an hour alone.

Mr. Wu's daughter told reporters that the elevator had problems before, and her father had climbed three stairs because of the elevator failure.

At 10:49 on March 28, the reporter posted a microblog to ask the netizens if they had ever encountered any trouble when they took the elevator. The netizens said their experiences: "The elevator dropped from the 19th floor to the 3rd floor, then rose from the 3rd floor to the 17th floor, and repeated several times, you think about how I feel, and almost peed out in fear." "The elevator door was closed four or five times, thinking there was a ghost coming in." "Suddenly the power was cut off and trapped in the elevator. It was totally unreasonable to ring the alarm bell. The voice was broken. Finally, the elevator door was opened, and it was 30 to 40 centimeters from the ground. I was stunned to climb out.

Ms. Qin, who lives in Haihu New Area, said that the elevator in her building often shakes like she suffers from tremor. Every time she takes the elevator, she dares not take too many things. "Although there was no accident, the elevator trembled terribly. Sometimes it trembled slightly, but sometimes it trembled terribly." Ms. Qin said.

Rescue Supervision, Elevator Internet of Things Landing in Xining

Reporters learned that in 2015, Xining began to build the safety monitoring center of the elevator Internet of Things, set up a professional elevator emergency disposal center, and the project of the elevator Internet of Things began to enter the lives of citizens.

Elevator Internet of Things has "thousands of miles" and "windward ears". After installing black boxes in elevators and connecting them through private networks, citizens can upload them to the central control center as soon as they fail to take the elevator. The 24-hour staff on duty in the control center will contact the trapped citizens in the elevator as soon as they see the fault alarm and arrange rescue in time.

In short, if your elevator fails, the staff of the monitoring center can receive the alarm at the first time through the elevator Internet of things. At this time, you don't have to press the emergency button or call for help. The staff of the monitoring center will contact you on their own initiative.

In addition, the elevator Internet of Things has two major functions: supervising and maintaining units to maintain the elevator in time, statistical analysis of elevator data. If the elevator in your community is not regularly maintained, this can not escape the eye of the Internet of Things. The staff of the monitoring center will notify the maintenance unit for maintenance. In addition, if you think there are many elevator problems in your community, but there is no evidence, the Elevator Internet of Things will help you to count. What kinds of faults are the most common, how many troubles happened between January and December, and which month has the most faults, all these can be counted out.

Real-time monitoring, elevator operation can be seen thoroughly

At 1400 hours on April 13, in Xining Elevator Internet of Things Monitoring Center of Nanshan Road, a large screen wall shows the distribution of elevators that have entered the network visually.

As Network Engineer Wu Shaojun demonstrates and explains, he calls out the elevator surveillance video of the family hospital of Qinghai Women's and Children's Hospital in Chengdong District. At this time, there is no one in the elevator. About a minute later, a woman walks into the elevator.

Subsequently, Wu Shaojun opened the surveillance video of Unit 2, Building 1, Tsinghua Yiyuan District, south of the city. At this time, a worker was carrying goods to the elevator, which seemed to have a TV screen on one side. Wu Shaojun said that it is part of the elevator Internet of Things monitoring system. There is an emergency alarm button on the screen. If the citizens are in trouble when they take the elevator, they can also press the button, and the attendants of the monitoring center will receive an alarm.

The TV screen will show the notice of taking the elevator, and how the elevator personnel should do when they encounter an elevator failure, so that the public need not panic, just follow the stable mood demonstrated on the screen and wait for the staff to come.

Residential buildings, shopping malls and office space in the four districts of Xining can be monitored. "Every elevator entering the network can be monitored in real time." Wu Shaojun said.

Journalist Experience, Get Initiative Contact for 1 Minute

At about 15 o'clock on the 13th, the reporter personally felt the magic of the elevator Internet of Things.

Accompanied by professional and technical personnel, the reporter simulated the trapped situation in the elevator of Unit 2 of Building 1 of Tsinghua Yiyuan District.

Enter the elevator and press the button on the 16th floor. Two technicians are on the 16th floor of the top floor to stop the elevator. The elevator rises slowly. After reaching the 15th floor, the elevator sways and suddenly stops running.

Press the open door button, no response, and soon, a woman's voice came from the elevator: "We received an alarm, your elevator suddenly stopped running. Don't panic, we'll notify the staff to come and help as soon as possible."

Subsequently, the technicians let the elevator return to normal operation. In the meantime, the reporter and two technicians did not inform the staff of the monitoring center in advance when to stop the elevator operation.

After returning to the monitoring center, the reporter waited for two technicians to do another simulation experiment: one technician walked into the elevator and another technician stopped the elevator on the top floor.

In the surveillance video, the elevator suddenly stopped running, and then an alarm prompt popped up on the TV screen: the elevator of Unit 2, Building 1, Tsinghua Yiyuan District stopped running, and the elevator was trapped. The technicians forced the door of the elevator to open, and an alarm warning appeared on the TV screen: the elevator of Unit 2 of Building 1 of Tsinghua Yiyuan District stopped running and the elevator opened the door.

Wu Shaojun, a network engineer, said that after receiving a failure alarm in the monitoring center, the staff would contact the trapped people first to stabilize their emotions and notify the relevant personnel to go to rescue.

Rescue is divided into three levels, the first level of rescue notification maintenance company, the second level of rescue notification near the emergency rescue station, the third level of rescue will inform the public security, fire protection, 120 and other departments. Staff will inform the corresponding rescue workers to go according to the situation.

In addition, Wu Shaojun said that every elevator joining the Elevator Internet of Things has an ID number, which is unique as an ID card. With it, rescuers can accurately locate the location and shorten the rescue time.

Elevator Internet of Things: Real-time monitoring of elevator operation
At about 20:30 on April 11, Mr. Ma and his family, who live on the 8th floor of E District, Haihong One, Haihu New District, the provincial capital, are going downstairs. While waiting for the elevato
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