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Elevators in 9 places "hall by hall" are all included in emergency rescue network

Author:Muxvision Technology Co.,LTD Click: Time:2017-02-21 09:08:41

Elevator operation safety has always been the focus of public attention. Suzhou is a big city of elevator manufacture and use, but the rapid increase in the number of elevators, the aging of equipment and the inadequate use of management, maintenance and other reasons lead to elevator failure from time to time. Reporters from the quality supervision department in Suzhou learned that last year, through carrying out elevator safety offensive operations, Suzhou pulled out and urged the rectification of a number of elevator safety hidden dangers, of which 17 major hidden dangers were found.

Elevator Safety Action 2017 was officially launched yesterday. This year, the quality supervision department of Suzhou will focus on the operation safety of elevators in 9 places with dense passenger flow, such as stations, wharfs, rail transit, shopping malls and hospitals. At the same time, more than 80 old residential elevators over 15 years old and elevators with "weak and sick" will be tested for safety. Commentary.

Assault inspection:

Station elevators are heavily loaded

Weekly maintenance

Pushing into the elevator door

Hidden danger of falling

At 10 a.m. yesterday, Suzhou South Bus Station had a large number of passengers, and there was an endless flow of public escalators up and down. The special equipment safety supervisors of Suzhou Quality Supervision Bureau made a surprise inspection on the busy passenger elevators in the station. According to reports, in the past two years, the elevators here have frequent failures due to long service life, aging parts, frequent irregular use of passengers, heavy load and other reasons. The quality supervision department has received many reports from passengers that the elevator is unstable and even suddenly stops. After safety assessment and further improvement, the station elevator has been updated.

Yesterday, the quality supervisor inspected the operation status, maintenance quality, emergency drill and personnel certification of the three elevators in the station one by one, and carefully checked the elevator inspection report, drill report, maintenance record and inspection validity period of "identity information", the relevant records are more standardized. Understanding that the elevators are currently maintained every two weeks, special equipment regulators said that from the point of view of on-demand maintenance, elevators in public transport areas such as stations, wharfs and rail transit should be maintained as "one-dimensional one-week" as far as possible, and can only be maintained by the original plant. It is understood that at present, most of the elevators in the public transport field in our city have implemented the "one-dimensional protection for one week" system. The elevator management of the South Bus Station also indicated that the frequency of elevator maintenance in the station would be encrypted as soon as possible.

Nanhuan Hui Center, where catering and leisure projects gather, attracts a large number of consumers on weekends and holidays. At present, 63 new elevators are installed in the center. Here, some escalators and passenger elevators were inspected by quality supervisors, and the emergency call system in the elevator was tested on the spot. Owing to the possibility of personnel crashing into the elevator and other phenomena, the quality supervision personnel also inspected the safety of the elevator door on the spot.

According to the introduction, the latest revision of the relevant safety regulations implemented on July 1, 2016, makes it clear that elevator doors should be able to withstand certain impacts, but some violent impact is still a destructive behavior for the safety of elevator doors. The quality supervisor reminds the public that we must not enter the elevator shaft by hitting the door of the elevator hall. It is not the professional who opens or bumps into the door of the elevator hall abnormally. There is only one result: falling down the elevator shaft, causing casualties.

Special rectification:

Flow-intensive places

Elevator inspection

In-use elevator

Fully integrated into emergency rescue network

According to the statistics of Suzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, there are 85 elevator manufacturing units and more than 150 parts enterprises in Suzhou. The number of elevators in use is 110,000, and the number of elevators in use ranks first among prefecture-level cities in the country.

Elevator operation is directly related to people's livelihood and safety. Last year, Suzhou organized a battle for elevator safety, conducted spot checks on newly installed elevator machines and components in the city, and found and urged the rectification of a number of potential safety hazards, of which 17 were major safety hazards, such as: a short elevator safety circuit in Hongfeng kindergarten in Kunshan City; Haixiang textiles in Zhangjiagang City. Electrical switch of mechanical lock for car door of an elevator of Limited Company is short-connected. These actions are very easy to lead to "open doors and take stairs", resulting in casualties.

By the end of last year, a total of 80,000 elevators in the city had been brought into the 96,333 emergency rescue network. Last year, the Suzhou Elevator Emergency Rescue Command Center dealt with 4888 cases of troubles for the needy, with an average of 13.39 cases a day, and rescued 9832 people. By the end of this year, all the elevators in use in our city will be integrated into the elevator emergency rescue network.

Xing Dongsheng, Director of Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department of Suzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, introduced that in 2017, the City Quality Supervision Bureau will further carry out elevator safety special renovation action. The contents include: launching safety inspection in public places with dense traffic, such as stations, wharfs, rail transit, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, cinemas, stadiums and gymnasiums; conducting safety spot checks on 1000 elevators with frequent faults or single mechanical braking, and problems in elevator manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and daily management. Timely supervision and rectification; free detection and evaluation of residential elevators aged more than 15 years or with frequent failures, providing authoritative basis for the overhaul, updating and transformation of elevators for property or owners, and testing and evaluation batches of no less than 80 units; referring to large data analysis, joint housing and construction departments have poor maintenance quality and untimely service of electricity. Emphasis should be placed on the inspection of the elevator units, and administrative penalties should be imposed on serious illegal enterprises.

This year, Suzhou will also expand the scope of elevator remote monitoring. At present, more than 6000 elevators have been brought into the scope of remote monitoring, which can realize real-time monitoring of elevator operation by elevator manufacturers, elevator maintenance units and elevator users.

Elevators in 9 places "hall by hall" are all included in emergency rescue network
Elevator operation safety has always been the focus of public attention. Suzhou is a big city of elevator manufacture and use, but the rapid increase in the number of elevators, the aging of equipment
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