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The 80-year-old "Republic of China Elevator" still carries passengers.

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The antique elevators in Nanjing in 1936 can still be used today. Last year, Jiangning District accounted for one fifth of the new elevators in Nanjing. On the afternoon of March 6, Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau held a press conference and published the white paper on elevator safety in 2016.

According to the white paper, by the end of 2016, Nanjing had 76454 elevators of all kinds. Jiangning District, Pukou District and Gulou District were among the top three elevators in the city. Ninety-nine hundred and ninety elevators were newly installed in Jiangning District, accounting for 20.4% of the total number of new elevators. There are 136 maintenance units, of which 110 are qualified for installation.

By the end of 2016, the fastest and highest elevator in the city was the Zifeng Tower elevator with rated speed of 8.0m/s and elevation height of 276.2m. The longest used section was the automatic sidewalk of the T2 terminal building of Lukou International Airport, with a load of 74.5m. The largest two-car elevator in Nanjing Qingao Twin Towers, rated load 1600KG + 1600KG, rated speed 6.0m/s.

In addition, the passenger elevator, which has been in operation for the longest time in the Super Building of the Presidential Palace, was put into use in 1936. Zhao Xinrong, Director of Safety Supervision Department of Special Equipment of Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau, said, "This is an old antique in Nanjing. It was installed in 1936. It is hand-operated. Its speed of lifting is 1 metre per second and its load is 800 kilograms. Major modifications have been made in the past few years, but they can still be used if they are to be used now. It's Otis elevator, because this kind of elevator is not produced now. It's difficult to supply its accessories and purchase them. We mainly consider the restoration of this elevator from the perspective of cultural relics.

Zhao Xinrong introduced that in 2016, Nanjing vigorously promoted the elevator insurance liability system, with good results: "By the end of 2016, 29 726 elevators had been insured in the city, accounting for 42.3%. Among them, 10456 elevators were insured in government institutions and public gathering places, accounting for 96.1% of the insured number. Four major security housing blocks were Dingjiazhuang, Granite, Daishan and Shangfang. The coverage rate of elevator insurance in district is 100%. The city's elevator verification rate reached 99.7%.

Up to now, the elevator rescue rate in Nanjing has increased from 93% in 2015 to 97%. A total of 24 cases of administrative penalties for elevators have been handled in the city. Property enterprises that fail to be notified or punished within the time limit will be included in the annual blacklist of property enterprises of the municipal real estate department. However, the quality supervision personnel pointed out that if the elevator is broken, users will often consider it as the responsibility of the property company, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Zhu Yeqiu, deputy director of the special equipment safety supervision department of Nanjing Quality Supervision Bureau, said, "There are many reasons for the trouble of the elevator. We only hope that we can promote the comprehensive management to solve the problems of equipment, the use of environmental problems, and whether we can get timely maintenance in the later period. If the property company is not in place, then naturally it will be blacklisted. But if this poor person's high failure rate is due to the poor use of the environment ah, low-rise water ah, no maintenance funds can not be repaired ah, property companies are blacklisted according to the size of responsibility. It can not be said in all respects, as long as the high incidence of troubles among the poor is the cause of the property.

The 80-year-old "Republic of China Elevator" still carries passengers.
According to the white paper, by the end of 2016, Nanjing had 76454 elevators of all kinds. Jiangning District, Pukou District and Gulou District were among the top three elevators in the city. Ninety
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